Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Good morning sweet ladies,

So nice to be back on my is quiet.....which is a new new new for our H O M E......getting used to it now that our Tressy is married, but the tree is lit.......and the sun will be rising real soon. Eating my favorite breakfast........pie and a cup of milk. Now I am set! Just got off from FaceTiming our little.......she is so sweet in the mornings so her Momma calls so we can have some sweet time of my favorite things to start my day. 

I know the post are few and far much has happened in the last few months..... so I got up really early this I can journal some things that have been going on with PFFarm. 

We have a new little in our family. 
Christmas time was wonderful.......having her added to our family during this time of year....made it all the more special!!!

I had this idea for pictures or Christmas......I knitted her a hat and mittens........I needed a bag so I used some of the burlap we had from her Momma's wedding.......made a tag.........tied a red checked ribbon around the top.......stuffed the bag with a lot of pillows and set her inside....with her little ornament and stuffed puppy (we keep it here at Grammies) will always be the grands!!! So fun to shoot these pics......there is such a sweet manner about her. We had quite a few giggles when she did a face plant in the cluster fiberfill......when she came up it there were patches glued to her face......then she started slipping down the backside to the inside of the bag......her Momma and I both went after her......made some sweet memories!!! We love her so much and thank the Lord for her allllll the time!!

A few weeks back we had some baby lambs over at my farm friend's farm......she is the sweetest farm woman......last year I made her mittens with sheep on them.....

this year I made a cowl to match the gloves........

when we drove to her farm we drove by Peace Creek

lots of memories have been made here!!!! It is a favorite place for us.

We got to her farm.......Willow has a boy and so does Aspen.....we were hoping for girls so she could build her flock. 

 Willow and her little boy......he was a big baby!!!

Aspen had just had her baby cute!!!!! Miss having them on the farm, but after the babies are weaned the girls will come back.

God bless each of you....I have missed you......please follow me on is the easiest place for me to journal daily!!!!!! 

Merry CHRISTmas!!!


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A sad day on the farm!!!

Good morning sweets..........sad day on the farm!! This last weekend we went to stay with a friend on her sweet little hobby was wonderful!!! Morning came and she was in the kitchen......smells permeating her beautiful home......and she was fixing us breakfast. Spoiling us......which she does often!!! She loves Jesus with her whole heart.....and loves people!!! She wants to build tiny me......that will be fun if it ever happens!

She made us Swiss Eggs.....oh num!!!! She gave "us" the recipe.........

"Ladies: my grandfather was born in Switzerland and his mom used to make these eggs on special occasions. It is eggs poached in cream with grated Swiss cheese on top. You heat the cream, turn down the heat, and break the eggs into the cream. Put on the lid and let it cook for a bit, depending on how soft you like your eggs. Take the lid off and add the grated Swiss cheese. Put lid back on long enough to melt the cheese. It is served on toast with the leftover goodness spooned over the top. Salt and pepper to taste. ENJOY!" Suzanne 

She forgot to say she put in crumbly bacon in the cream, also.....that made it sooooo good!!

So on with my story.......we left the chickens in their coop......something got in which now we think was a "Herd of Raccoons"!!!!!!!!! Our big coop had a window where I had patched it with a small piece of fine mesh piece of screen. Something opened it and so the size of a window pane was big enough to get in........all my big older chickens (about 20 plus) my 3 ducks and 4 Guineas and about 3 roos.......all gone......except for two of the Guineas......literaly allllll gone! Like they had vanished!! I had noticed outside some Guinea feathers......and then saw the window pane....opened the door.....and this is what I found. JUST FEATHERS! No bones.....bodies.....nothing. I was sick to my stomach. We couldn't believe they were all gone.....just like that!!!! 

We checked the new chickens and they were fine the other night. We didn't think that anything could get in.......well last night they climbed over the chicken wire that we had put on the gate area and  they got in.....whatever it was got 10 of my newwwww hens........ugh!!!!! Couldn't believe it. The way we built the doorway we had to put chicken wire on a certain way because it was the sheep's shed not a coop. From the gate up to way high we put on chicken wire......we should have secured it at the very top......tonight we will when we get home from the coffeehouse!! Thinking maybe to build the gate with new wood all the way to the top.....if I can do that I will. Whoever is getting them got my pet Chicky Girl.......sad.......3 of the Wyandotte's .....some Olive thankful they didn't get the Mr. Roo Wyandotte. So hard on a farm sometimes.....but that is farm life!!!!!

That is my woo today! I think it is time to get my get my chicken catalog and order me some new chickens........that would make a sweet day!!! 

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes
refuge in HIM Psalm 34:8

Hugs to your day!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Family Life!

Hello sweet ladies.........oh my oh my oh can become a blur... know I am not the only one.......and it can change in a moment.....thankfully I trust the Lord with my day!!!! The coffeehouse is doing well......the kids are back for school so that is keeping us busy!! 

Tressa is a very sweet young man!! Life has changed for all.......the wedding was beautiful! We made a lot of the decorations.....

Tress did her own bouquet and her attendants....we saved peonies from Grandma Jo's flowers that she had planted 40 years ago on our farm.....we kept them in the refrigerator until her wedding. It was special for Tressa to use them in her wedding. Friends helped with the preparation of the food and lots helped with setting up.......we decorated and built 18 farm tables.....they turned out so pretty! 

After 45 years of having children in our home....and then one day you come home to empty was an adjustment?! I am learning the new new!! 

Our youngest daughter and her sweet man just had are new grand baby girl!!! Number 12 for us now...... thankful to the Lord for His Gifts!!! Our family loves babies.......going to be fun during the holidays!!! I wish they didn't live so far. 

For those of you who would like to hear.......Auntie is doing well......we made a quilt together last CHRISTmas.....she was angry about life and she had always been a quilter......I had been praying about something for her to do with me......saw the pieces of a quilt I had was just perfect for us to finish up!!!!

It was the very thing that gave her purpose.......we kept loving her... giving her lots of has been a challenge and very hard......but well worth it. Now she is adorable.......she is so kind to  us!! We share Jesus.....but she is not interested.....won't quit planting little seeds and love her for Him. Please pray with us....she will be 90 October 27th......we will celebrate her birthday.....she says she doesn't like to celebrate......but she really does!!!

We have been slowly working on the farm when time allows. Have some new chickens on the farm. Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, Maran and some Wyandotte's. Think Mr. Roos comb is so beautiful!!! I am enjoying gathering the eggs.....a friend brought me two dozen of her beautiful eggs......

I just had to fill a gallon jar with hers and some of mine......a favorite  picture!!!!

If you want to keep up with Prairie Flower Farm facebook you can go here and would love to have you sign up and follow. I have missed blogging and missed each of you....but keeping the coffeehouse going is a full time with an empty nest I am hoping to have some more time to keep up PFFarm!! 

Would love to hear from you and what is going on in your has been some time I know......but I haven't forgotten you!! 

Hugs to your day........God bless each of you!!


Monday, September 19, 2016

Today....... It Was A Quiet Day On Our Farm!

Hello sweet has been some fact it feels like forever. I have been on hold for quite a few fact ever since my Auntie has moved here. It has been 7 months now and I am just now feeling like I have my life back. With the 

coffeehouse which we can't believe we have now had it for 2 years. Where has the time gone? We took it very slow when we started running the shop.....not adding to much to our daily regular....lately it seems like our time has allowed us to to start adding more to our menu. Baking is one of our favorite things and I have been pinning many recipes to my Pinterest. Broadway Market Food . We have been baking scones, cute little bundt muffins, other pastries. Two new sandwiches.....wish you could come and eat at our table. 

Our garden has kept us busy also........lots of rain and lots of thankful......I have been able to put up gallons for the winter.  The zinnias have been so colorful and beautiful this year. Everything around the farm has been green. 

Last weekend we worked on the Milk House needed a new window for the winter......All Ready!!!!!! Have 14 pullets and a few of them are giving us "little eggs".  Makes my day when I go to see who else is leaving me a gift. 

Today I started going through boxes......the ones from when we started remodeling last winter. Feeling good about all I got accomplished. Love my Monday's when I get to stay home. I can get so much done if not interrupted  You know what I mean? Then I thought how nice it would be to get my sewing machine back up and running. I set it on my new little galvanized table......cute!!!!!!!! 

I was ready to start a little project. There is an elderly gentlemen that has come into the coffeehouse since we first got the shop. At first he was a little "unique".......but now......he thinks we are okay........ I think. Anyway he volunteers  out at our Refuge and loves do we. It is a beautiful place to go.....lots of birds migrate out there and Tress has enjoyed watching them come and go. The birds and coffee has given them some common to watch the two of them....the old and the action. The two of them bless our lives! Anyway.He wants to get different pinecones and freeze them so he can plant the seeds later. Can't wait to watch what he does. It was such a enjoyable time sitting at my machine.....need to do it more often!

 Our friend wanted a burlap bag sewn up. I said not a problem.....I would love to make him one. 

 He wanted a 12"x12" bag to put the cones in.......ask if I had fun sitting at my machine......when I start sewing just calms my nerves. For some I know it doesn't do that, but for is my therapy!

So this brought you a little up to date all who follow on my blog. So sorry that I haven't been consistent. Market.......Auntie.......just been way to hard to keep up with miss blogging though. Please please please write if you have a minute and let me know how you all are.......I do do Facebook but I know some of you don't get on there.......hugs to you!!!

Been praying much for our world and our country. Ladies......that is one thing we can do.....and He says it makes a difference! We so need it. Something is happening and happening fast. Thankful the Lord has all things in control!!

What would we do if we didn't know that!!

Hugs and much love sent your way,



Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hello Sweets!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies.......I have missed blogging. I know I keep saying that, but it is true!!!

oh my.......I am not sure where to thing for have been me. I know lots of you follow my Prairie Flower Farm Fb......and I am thankful that I can stay in touch with you there. It seems to be easier for me to at least put up a little post then over here on my blog. The last time I wrote was way back in Nov.......between Nov and Dec. We sold the flower part of the Coffeehouse. It has made our life so much simpler. The coffeehouse keeps us so busy as is and the food has been keeping us very busy also. It is a better fit for us....we seem more calm, which has been much needed. 

Our family took a few days off after CHRISTmas and over the New Year.....while all the college kids went back home for vacation.....we went on a a mini vacation. Off  to go see the mountains in Colorado. It was so beautiful, the mountains were covered of to bottom.......we soooo enjoyed ourselves! While we were gone we had some remodeling done at the shop.......we had the kitchen enlarged. It was really little and now we have more room and are more efficient with our time. Adding some new foods to the menu.

 One new recipe was this Almond Biscotti. It is super easy to make and a sweet gift for any kind of occasion. 

Go here for the is so so nummy!!! 

When we got back from our mini vaca, my sweet man and I put up  a unit that we used at the International Quilt market years back to replace where the flower fridge was. I decorated with a Winter theme!  I never cared for the flower fridge......looks prettier when you look in the window to the shop and when you enter I think. Everyone loves it.......little ones run in the front door to be able to sit at it......couples who are on dates use it.....Bible studies are is pretty! So many men and women look at it to see how it is made......want to build one at their home for outside sitting. It's been a fun place for sure and would be super easy to build!

We have been working on remodeling our farm house. It is taking longer......but we are getting what we can done in the time that we have. I am so excited that now it is getting warmer and hopefully we will be getting all the new windows in. Her is a little area in our bedroom...I brought back all the hooks from the back porch of our old farm. Just a little place to hang my special necklaces. Simple.....but so what I like!!!

February was calmer for us.......we didn't have to do the Valentine flowers.......but we are selling succulents and cactus in the shop. They are very popular and we do well with the college girls wanting something sweet for their dorm rooms. We noticed our life being a lot more calm. 

Little did we know that March of 2016 our life would again Auntie (my Momma's sister) would need a place to live. She got very ill and ended up in the hospital in California. We had three days to get ready to fly out and bring her back. Of course we had to go to the ocean........two different was so wonderful to see it again. I so miss the water......and the mountains but the Lord blessed us so!! We drove back....she didn't want to fly.....we enjoyed traveling. We are now trying to get her settled......she is 88.....we have her back to health for which we are thankful. She has always lived in life has become an adventure!! 

A blessing for me was a Momma Hen had 7 little ones......brings a lot of joy to the farm......another Momma Hen was laying on......

three fertile duck eggs.......

three hatched.....Momma Hen is quite happy with her babies.......we gave all the babies to a family with 6 children......they are having a wonderful time for sure!!!  My Auntie loved them! I brought them into the house and put them by her chair......on the floor......I hadn't seen her so happy!!! She is learning to love the age of 88. She loves us......and our family. Never met any one like our family......she thinks we have a huge family. She has never really had one......we are showing her a new family that loves the Lord. Please pray for us.........the Lord is pursing her.....we pray!!! 

Spring has sprung! New life on the farm!!!! My favorite time of the year......watching things sprout is such a precious thing to seeing.....what the Lord created.....happen before my eyes. We received 1" so far from a rain last night. OH MY......the Lord came through. We have been watching the wheat stress.....this will help us so much. 

A few weeks back we packed Auntie and the car up to go visit a Prairie Flower farm girl's was a delightful time. She has bees, pigs......and chickens so far on her farm. I loved the sweet man will neverrrr let me have some.....but they are fun to watch. Auntie loved Suzanne!! She is meeting lots of people that love her. 

So glad I had some time to say hello......we are on a mini vacation doing a wedding. Auntie is staying with a girl from the college on the farm......being a care giver day after day is very hard. You have to take some time away......we are with our girl and son in love.......very very sweet time!

Hugs and God bless each of you, would love to hear how
you are all doing!!!!! Love you bunches!!!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving.......praying you are blessed!!!!

Hello my sweet precious ladies........I am embarrassed that I have not had time to write......for months. I have to say since we got the coffeehouse it has been one of the hardest times in my life. I am so busy...... half the time I don't know what way is up. I am not just has been hard. It is like we have three shops in one building. The front is the sitting area, gift and flower part. The flowers keep us going with the funerals, birthdays, get well and special occasion flowers. That part can be busy for days. Then the middle part of the coffeehouse is the kitchen.....that is where we make the sandwiches, salads and soups. We have really doubled sales almost in that area. The back part has the coffee area. Tress has done amazingly well. We have also doubled sales that just says we are busy! I miss writing and hearing how you all are. I do think of you often! Thankful so many of you follow on Facebook and I can still keep up with you there.

We have been so busy at the shop and it is getting a bit much for Tress and I to keep everything going. The flowers have also been busy and seems never ending. We have decided to sell that part of the business. We prayed and in 3 days we had a name. It just came to me one morning. I called a friend.......and a few days later she said yes, So now we will be done by the first of the year! I am so thankful the Lord provided a way out. The lady is going to be perfect. She already found  a building just down from us and she will be fixing it up!!!!! Ekkkk! Happy Momma here. It will help us not be so tied down. So many times we would go somewhere and have to come back because of a funeral. Hopefully I will be able to do some crafting and designing again. I have missed it so! Loved just got to much. God is good! 

The other part was I was having to give up so much of my farm life. That will change now also. My little Rupples is growing.......precious boy! He started out big and healthy! The other girls have looked pregnant......but nothing so far. One day we may have a sweet new baby lamb.......I just wait! 

We did raise 21 meat birds. I had bought a new chicken cage this last summer. It was quit big so I was able to get almost all but 3 birds into it. We drove up to the farmers place who was going to butcher them for me. We had to take mine all out and then put them into the farmers cages. I had never done it this way before. It was really easy and we will do it again come spring! We had to leave them for the night and go then just went and picked them up the next day.....they were all bagged individually and ready to put them in the freezer. We also gave half to our friends who used to have the market. We will all be enjoying chicken during the winter months with our egg noodles. Blessed!

At the end of October I put up some applesauce. I bought Jonathan apples and it turned out wonderful. So tart yet sweet. All the red from the peels came through and made the most beautiful pink sauce. 

See how pink it is? It is in my freezer! It is so good if you thaw it and then put it over ice-cream, it is like apple ala mode! 

Every Monday we have had a friend come and help us work on our home. We have put two new windows in our bedroom.......ask if I feel blessed!!!!!! The biggest window is a 4'x5'. The other night we woke up at 4:30 in the morning. Venice was straight out the window. It was so beautiful. All our farm windows were old (which I love and will save) but not efficient at all. Hoping the new ones will be more efficient and the house will be warmer for winter. I will show pics after the bedroom and bathroom are finished. 

Well that gives you just a bit of what has been happing here at Prairie Flower Farm and Broadway Market (our coffeehouse) I am so thankful for the time we have at the market. My heart is calming just knowing we will not have the flowers. So much ministry and encouragement are happening there. So many opportunities. I miss my home....but I do know God has us where He wants us. We are living in such a volatile time.......things are happening so fast everyday it seems. I am waiting for the Lord's return. He said all that is happening would happen. I trust you are ready!!! I so want you to share heaven with me. He is waiting for each of us to come and repent. That is why Jesus we could have eternal life....Jesus said ......., “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

I didn't say that, Jesus did.......I chose to believe Him

I love you all........I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. You are truly such an important part of my life. I write as often as I can on fb. You can always follow me there. It just happens to be the easiest way I can write these days. After we sell the flowers.....maybe life will be a little less demanding. 

Hugs and God bless each one of you!! YOU are precious!!!


P.S. please leave a little comment.....or a big one......and let me know how you are.......I do miss you!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hello sweet ladies!!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies, it has been a while since I have said hello......I miss you all terribly. I think of you daily! Life at the coffeehouse is almost to much at times.....but we are learning to be content. We can't believe that we have been at the market for 10 months now.......that is amazing to me. 

I have fixed up my little look like I want it to. I love looking at a few pretty things. We get so busy at different times of the day........we have many stories each day......some are 
sad, happy and just plain life. We are meeting so many people that we never even knew lived in our town. We are meeting seems to be lived through the lives of the people that come in on certain days......we see little ones, children....high school kids who come in with snacks that they bought at the gas station......(I think that one is cute).....Mom's who come to meet other Moms.......they have little coffee breaks.......Professors.....Pastors......Grandparents on vacation with the many people. We have to take calls.......calls for orders......funerals......birthdays.......just because calls.......little old men who have been married for 56 years and still count each year as if their sweeties were here..... but their sweetheart is at the cemetery.....they can't forget them.........nor will they let us.......they always tell us who they were and how cutie they were.....what they liked.....what they didn't.....we are their friends. Life has changed for us....we have grown......learning more about what the Lord wants us to do in this mixed up world we live in now......the most important to love people where they has stretched us.......I know He will stretch us even more in the coming year. 

I started a garden at the backside of the market.  It's my me time......I love it! A man and a little girl come in all the time. We have things in old things. He took some of my pallets and some of his " to me" and built these adorable boxes. 

It is growing.......lots of basil......lots of different peppers, flowers, herbs, oregano, lavender, rosemary, and more flowers. It is so nice to just go to the back and look, smell and pick. I have been harvesting my basil in at the shop and at home. 

Our family also went on a mini vacation a few weeks ago. So much fun. Went blueberry picking!!!!!! Ekkkkk my heart was so stinkin happy in the blueberry patch! We picked for hours. I loved it. We also picked some blackberries. I have them all frozen for winter use. They tasted just like Alaskan blueberries. No kidding, couldn't believe it. A gift........from the Creator..........HIMSELF! 

Hmmmm what else has been going on........

oh........I have also been putting up rhubarb........its my quiet place out in my garden. I can sit and hear the birds singing and have not a care in the world. Nobody is asking me for anything!!!!! Smile! I will have it running out my ears by the end of the season! Thats rhubarb muffins and pie! Will sell it at the market. 

In the garden I saw this adorable little leaf. Only about a 1/2 long.......if you click on the picture you will see a teeny tiny little spider. He is weaving the feather into his web. Now that is amazing!!!!! I will treasure this picture for sure!

Another thing that happened last week was Tress and I went to an estate sale........look at what I got. I love it! Well, I can't love it, but I like it a lot!!!! It is in perfect condition......not one hole in it. Nothing wrong except some stains on it. I put it up on my fb and ladies helped me out on what to do  to maybe get it out. Please if you have ideas.......leave me a comment. Will try it this weekend. 

Well this is probably enough to more pic

Aspen.......she is pure naughty.....hops the fence.......and she can jump! We are going to have to work more on the fence. 

It feels good to write again......I have missed you.........a lot!!!!!!! 

Blessings to each of you.......and may the Lord 
bless you. Please pray for our country and the
world. So thankful the Lord has it in His control!

He is precious and will not let go of His children. Good thing to 

Hugs, me